Different Between Basketball shoes and Running Shoes

There are various types of shoes available in the market for different kind of functions. When you get up in the morning, you put up your jogging shoes. Afterward, when you go to an office, you put on your casual shoes, apart from that there are also different shoes for running. Just like even in the normal day’s people put on different shoes for different purposes, the sportsmen have also got different shoes for playing basketball, football, and even tennis.  Here we are discussing the difference between the basketball and the running shoes. There are many people that do not know the difference between the running and the sports shoes and think that it does not matter as they are one and the same thing, but is it is a myth. There is a lot of difference between them.  Both types of shoes are specially designed to keep your feet comfortable and injury free.

First, we will discuss the running shoes. There are various types of the running shoes.

These are the shoes that are manufactured for running in any other place other then the road. The place may be muddy, slippery, and rough. So, these track running shoes are made of standard materials, the soles of these shoes are very strong so that it prevents slipping on the wet places.  These track running shoes are not as standard when you compare it with the basketball shoes. It is made of high-quality material.adidas running shoes

The casual running shoes are made light weight and comfortable. These shoes are very much durable and are made for running up to long- distances. These shoes can also be used as jogging shoes on the road. These shoes are also called the road running shoes. These running shoes are also available in various designs and colors. These shoes are very flexible. So, you can go ahead and purchase a color and design which suits your style. These shoes have got padding inside so that you can be comfortable when you wear these shoes and do not end up hurting your feet.

Nice basketball shoes are made very strong and also need to be compulsory of a standard quality material so that it does not damage easily. When you play the game of basketball you need to do a lot of jumping and running, so naturally the shoes need to be very strong. They are weather- proof and also very elastic so that you can easily do all the twisting and turning without any trouble.high neck basketball shoes

These are the major differences between running and basketball shoes. The running shoes are a bit light weight and made of soft- padded material whereas the basketball shoes are made of a much higher quality material and are very much flexible.
So, now you can easily see the differences and make out which shoes do you want to purchase for yourself.